Cheap and Reliable PHP Web hosting

It seems that everybody and their grandmother has web hosting nowadays, after all, it is absolutely vital if you want to promote your business online. All too many businesses go for the cheapest host they can find however, and this is not the way you want to be doing things. Instead you should aim for a host that is not only cheap but reliable. If you really want to take your website to the next level then you will want to find one which offers PHP hosting as well, more on this later.

So why is it important that you have reliable hosting php. hosting? Well if your website is not online you cannot do any business. When you are dealing with people online you only have one chance to capture a person’s attention. If your website is down then they won’t bother coming back again. You would have lost a customer for life. Is it really worth those few dollars you save on the cheap host? Thankfully there are many companies out there who are both cheap and reliable. Check for reviews on the internet or view their ‘uptime statistics’ to see just how reliable the host is.

So now you have your cheap web hosting sorted you will need to find out what features are included. You are looking at as much bandwidth and storage space as possible. What is absolutely vital however is that you find a company that offers PHP web hosting. Without this you will never be able to build a website that a customer can truly interact with.

PHP is a programming language in use on the internet. The PHP code is executed on the web server and then displayed on the viewer’s web browser. Some of the largest websites in the world are developed using the PHP programming language.

There are two dominant forces in the server-side programming language field. ASP and PHP, I suggest when faced with this choice you always go with PHP web hosting for a number of reasons:

  1. It is generally cheaper. ASP needs special licenses and web server configurations for the language to be run. PHP doesn’t and is found on most, if not all web servers.
  2. PHP is easy to learn. There are literally thousands upon thousands of tutorials out there on learning the PHP language. You should be able to master the basics in a few short weeks.
  3. There is plenty of software out there which runs on PHP, much of it free. If you don’t have a PHP-based server then you will be missing out on free blogs, ecommerce stores and newsletter programs. Everything a business needs to run successfully.

In summary; when searching for cheap web hosting you will want to find a company that is reliable. It is not worth saving a few dollars on hosting as it could result in you losing your customers. Thankfully reliable web hosting isn’t that expensive for small websites. You will also want to find a company that offers php web hosting if you want to take your website to the ‘next level’.